Perseida Belleza: Fabricante productos cosméticos
I+D+i Investigación y desarollo


Drivers of innovation is the essence of our culture. Our R&D department has laboratories equipped with the latest technology and with experienced professionals who are committed to research and to creativity as part of the innovation process to meet market needs and trends.

The industrial capacity, processes knowledge, the teams expertise and the flexibility, allow us to adapt to the specific needs of each client, being our greatest strength at a global level.

Formulas developed by our R&D+i team, based on the latest cosmetic trends and carefully selecting the best ingredients that are part of each of them, allow us to have a wide range of products within our portfolio.


Passionate about our work, we are a team of more than 100 people, committed to innovation, technology and quality in each of our processes and products.

Our R&D+i department has a team of 14 people, in continuous research to offer innovative solutions in each of its proposals, with a clear vision towards the client and quality.

We work together with customers and suppliers, adapting to the market needs globally, from formulation to final production.

I+D+i Investigación y desarollo
I+D+i Investigación y desarollo

Socially responsible, our company is committed to social wellfare and environmental care. The circular economy is present in our processes as a means of preserving resources:

  • Manufacture of sustainable formulas & reduce the percentage of waste.
  • Minimize environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Security, Traceability and Transparency to our customers about the final product.
  • Maximize the use of raw materials of sustainable and natural origin.
  • Increase the use of sustainable, recyclable and/or recycled packaging.
  • In 2022 we set the goal of reducing at least 145 tons of our CO2 emissions with the use of photovoltaic energy, which represents 20% of the total energy consumed in our production activities.

Our commitment to quality and our facilities with top-level equipment allow our products to adapt and meet the demanding requirements of national and international markets.

We have approved the SMETA 6.0 audit procedure, based on Social Responsibility on 2 Pillars: Work Standards and Health and Safety.

Perseida acts as a strategic partner maintaining a firm commitment to the highest quality, being accredited with the following Quality certifications: IFS HPC higher level, ISO 9001:2015 & GMP ISO 22716.